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Let’s Change How We Manage Business

“We love what we do and we love helping others succeed at what they love to do.”

Customer security is our top priority

Knowing how to build trust with customers is critical in today’s business climate. Going the extra mile for your customers at all times is the surest route to building consumer trust and a loyal customer base. Companies that fail to put in the hard yards needed to win the trust of their clientele are limiting their potential.

Quality and reliability

Reliability has sometimes been classified as “how quality changes over time.” The difference between quality and reliability is that quality shows how well an object performs its proper function, while reliability shows how well this object maintains its original level of quality over time, through various conditions.

The mission of our organization

Our goal is to help employees feel great about coming to work every day and, more importantly, to be valued as a contributor to our success. We’ll help you achieve your maximum potential by creating a positive, healthy and diverse work environment.

We provide the tools you need to do your job and do it well. We work as a team – each branch and department working toward the same goal of making our members’ banking experience exceptional.


Mr. Monish Dutt is the Director of Finance

He is a Director of Sagicor Financial Corporation, a pan-Caribbean insurance group with assets of US$6 billion; he is also on the Board of Sagicor Life Insurance Corporation, the Group’s operations in the US based in Florida; and he is on the Board of Sagicor Bank, Jamaica. In addition, he is a Director of Peak Reinsurance, Hong Kong, part of the Fosun Group of China.

Further, he is also a member of the Washington based Board of FINCA Microfinance Holdings, with operating subsidiaries in over 20 countries in Eurasisa, LatAm and Africa. Till April 2017, he was also a Director of Religare Enterprise Ltd, a diversified Indian financial services group with assets of $4 billion.


Our Team

Meet our amazing leaders who are managing the affairs of National Wind Fall effectively.

Andy Newman


Alicia Keys

Marketing Director

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Patricia Ralph

Internal Designer

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Amanda Grey

PR Management

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